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Why skylights are becoming a trend? Why choose Velux skylights?

2023-10-05 13:16:14
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Sunlight has a wide range of impact on our wellbeing; therefore it is essential to incorporate natural light into the place we spend our days, which is indoor. Apart from various health benefits, an indoor space drenched in natural light always looks and feels more appealing. The best and economical option to get light in through the roof space would be installing skylights or roof windows.


Skylights have so many lifestyle benefits; the installation should also be done correctly so that you gain the most out of what you have invested, compromising on the quality can turn out to be a costly mistake. Few useful tips to help you decide on suitable skylights –

1) Roof Compatability – Since the installation of skylights is on the roof, the type of roof plays a considerable role in the selection, and it is not always a straightforward case. Acrylic skylights are the cheaper option and are good for flat or low-sloped roofs. The installation of double glazed Velux skylights can be a big investment but improves your home’s overall look & value, and the installation can be done on tiled or metal roofs.

2) Size of the Skylight - The most important thing to consider before installing the skylights is the size of the room. The spaces that are used for day to day activities and require extra daylight, large size skylights are more beneficial. Whereas other areas like hallways, in which light-sensitive tasks are generally not performed, smaller skylights could work. Velux skylights are available in various shapes and sizes making them an ideal option for any area of the house.

3) Fixed Skylight or Opening Skylight - The suitability of the skylight is also dependent on the function of the area. For example, if you are to install the skylight in the kitchen area, the Velux openable model is more useful, as they act as natural extractors of hot air and help maintain a comfortable temperature. The Velux fixed skylights, on the other hand, are a good option for areas like hallways..

Once you have decided on the area you want to install the skylight, next comes the actual installation. We recommend contacting professional and experienced consultants at Just Rite, to help you to decide on the best placement for your skylight, which can make the living or working space more energy efficient and worth investing in the skylight. Our licensed installers will make sure the installation is completed on time and with the highest quality.


Australian weather and climate zones could prove to be a challenge for any skylight, but not for Velux. Velux skylights have passed every Australian test. All the skylights are heat & UV tested, water tested, hail tested, load tested, bushfire tested, cyclone tested, safety and sound tested. Velux skylights are easy to maintain and comes with extended warranty.  Some of the critical features of installing Velux skylights are:

  • Increase Property Value – Installing skylights to your home, increase the potential resale value, as bright and airy house increases appeal to potential buyers. Velux skylights enhance the positive qualities in your home's design; make sure to choose the ideal spot to place your skylight.
  • Light up the dark corners – Velux Skylights comes in various sizes and are ideal for brightening up the smallest and darkest corners, which can improve your mood and can give your home a modern and elegant charm.
  • Variety of available options – Skylights are available in various shapes and sizes, making them an ideal option to fit in all requirements. There are different skylights for different applications.
  • Excellent source of Natural Ventilation – Velux Openable skylights are an excellent source of ventilation, especially in an area that doesn't get much fresh air.
  • Energy Efficiency – Skylight installation can help you save money on power bills. The high quality and energy efficient Velux skylights can reduce the lighting costs, energy consumption and can minimise the need for air conditioners and fans during the warmer months.


Velux offers a variety of different types that are ideal for all type of roofs, whether it is for Flat Roofs or  Pitched Roofs in metal or tile construction.

1) Velux Solar Skylight – The VSS model of Solar Powered Skylight is ideal for pitched roofs, and VCS model is ideal for flat roofs. The main feature of this type of skylight(s) is the solar panel, which captures the daylight to recharge the concealed battery. The remote control and inbuilt rain sensors add extra convenience, making the Solar Powered skylights an ultimate Skylight solution.

2) Velux Electric Skylight – The Electric powered opening skylights (VSE) are ideal for pitch roofs and offers comfort, energy savings and fresh air. The remote control and built-in rain sensors add the extra feature and make them a perfect solution for roofs with the correct pitch.

3) Velux Manual Skylights – The VS model of Manual opening skylights can be used on pitched roofs and VCM model on flat roofs. These skylights offer comfort, energy savings and natural ventilation. The pre-installed insect screen adds the extra feature and benefit of keeping mosquitoes and flies out, especially during the warmer months.

4) Velux  Fixed Skylights – The fixed skylights are perfect for visually expanding the area of any living or working space and lighting up the darkest corners with daylight. They are the most economical option from the entire Velux skylight range, which creates the spacious home filled with abundant natural light. The fixed skylights are ideal for the pitched roof (FS model) as well as the flat roofs (FCM model).

To match the aesthetic appeal of skylights, Velux offers a  wide variety of Blinds. Depending on your need or requirements you can choose from:

1) Blockout Blinds – The Velux Blockout Blinds provides almost 100% block out of the light and protection from heat, making them a perfect solution for bedrooms especially during the hottest summer days.

2) Honeycomb Blinds – The stylish and modern design of Velux honeycomb blinds makes them an ideal option with any skylight. They protect from heat and near complete block out from the light.

3) Solar Powered Blinds – The Velux solar powered blind is an innovative design that is operated by Radio Frequency wall-mounted keypad and requires no wiring or electrician. You can now control the light using the power of the sun.

Velux flashing systems also plays a very crucial part in any skylight installation. The flashings are designed to shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over the time. There is the full range of flashings available for weather tight fits and almost all the roof types. The Velux flashings are specifically designed for roof pitches between 15°- 75°, for roofs with below 15°, custom flashings with pitch adaptors can be used. Velux does not supply flashings for Flat roof skylights as custom-made flashings are required.

1) Tile & Corrugated Iron Roofs – The EDW flashings are ideal for tiled or corrugated iron roofs but not for metal profiled roofs like Klip-Lok or TrimDeck. These flashings have side and headpieces which form the gutter to direct water away from the Skylight and off the roof.

2) Slate Roofs – Otherwise known as EDL flashings are designed for flat roofing material up to 8mm thick like shingle or slate. Every piece of soaker flashing is interwoven with the layer of roofing material for water drainage.

3) Combination Flashings for Multiple skylights – For multiple skylight installations, combination flashings are ideal. With the modular system, an unlimited number of skylights can be installed firmly together. The minimum space required between the skylight frames is 100mm.


For skylights options and installation, browse our product range or contact us for any inquiries.