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Why install roof insulation in your ceiling space?

2019-03-22 15:15:51
ceiling insulation

Roof insulation makes a huge difference to indoor temperature control, it can be proved as one of your best investments and saves you huge amounts on electricity bills. Make sure never to compress roofing insulation to make it fit into a cavity if space is less than the recommended thickness of the insulation itself.  Compressing roof insulation batts can have a negative impact on insulation materials. We recommend installing thinner insulation roof batts with a lower R-Value or considering installing Hi-Density thermal and acoustic batts in areas where space is an issue.

By installing insulation in the Ceiling -

  • You can save up to 45% on heating and cooling
  • Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced
  • You rely less on heating and cooling systems
  • Make your living space more comfortable

The diagram below explains winter heat losses in a home without insulation in the roof, walls or floor. About 25% to 35% of heat is lost through the ceiling, higher than any other area of the home. Furthermore, 15% to 25% of heat is lost through walls, leading to high heating bills.

The diagram below shows Summer heat gains in a home without any insulation. Installing thermal insulation in walls, ceilings and underfloor can help to keep the home cooler in hot weather and considerably reduces dependence on air-conditioning systems.

Cost of Ceiling Insulation

To insulate a 100m2 existing ceiling cavity with easy access & no obstructions, for standard R4.1 Bradford Glasswool insulation you can expect to pay close to $850.00 (for the supply of insulation itself), and about $400  for the actual installation work.

Upgrading R-Value, or changing from a Glasswool to Polyester material products like Autex GreenStuf can increase the cost of material and installation fee because thicker insulation is much harder to cut, significantly increasing the labour cost.

 The fee of insulation is based on materials used, and installation – which includes things such as delivery of materials, clean-up and removal of any leftover materials.

How to Install Roof Insulation - DIY

An average Ceiling insulation bag is about 1.2 meters long and weighs between 8 to 18kgs. Mainly standard manholes are not much bigger than the bag itself, so loading bags into ceiling it can be a tricky job. In case the manhole is not big enough for an unopened bag to fit through, they have to be split open so that batts can be passed one by one into the ceiling. Another way is to load bags through the roof, which can only work if the roof is tiled or metal roof sheets are removed.

Below DIY video explains how to install ceiling insulation batts before the plastering is done.

Roof insulation at lowest prices -

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