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What are the Earthwool Batts made of?

2023-02-25 09:04:02

Knauf Earthwool insulation is made from Glasswool,  otherwise known as fibreglass. Like traditional glasswool insulation products, Earthwool also is made of recycled glass and sand.

The binding agent used in manufacturing Earthwool (Knauf's patented Ecosse technology, which is described as a Biobased technology) is what makes Earthwool differtent from other traditional glasswool products.

 Why Earthwool Wall Insulation is gaining popularity  

The Earthwool Wall Insulation batts range includes a selection of R-Values to provide builders, designers and installers the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project. Earthwool Wall batts improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the building in which they have been installed thus, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. The batts are easy to handle and install, and are made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE Technology.

Some other benefits include :

  • Advanced Compression Packaging - Which means you get up more insulation per pack and more insulation per load.
  • Strong Packaging - Gives protection to the insulation while in storage, guarding against dust, moisture and any accidental abuse.
  • Non-combustible - Inherent fire performance and which means the batts will not catch fire.
  • Resilience & Durability - Earthwool wall batts also boast incredible resilience and durability. 
  • Sustainable –  Earthwool insulation batts are made using recycled glass and making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious customers.

Insulation Batts Maintenance

Storage and handling of Earthwool batts are essential, and should not be neglected. The storage should always be indoors but in case outside storage is required, it should be, and batts should be standing off the ground like on a pallet.

Earthwool Insulation bags at all times must be covered with a waterproof plastic bag to avoid moisture and water. In case, the insulation gets damaged or wet, under no circumstances it should be installed. In case the surface of insulation becomes slightly wet, place it outside in sun and only use it once completely dried.