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Thermal Insulation Vs Acoustic Insulation

2019-03-22 15:09:07
Renovating your home Use sound insulation in the walls

Acoustic Insulation usually comes in a fibrous batt form, the same as standard thermal insulation batts. While the standard thermal insulation batts do provide soundproofing on some levels, the Acoustic Batts are specifically designed to give soundproofing on higher levels. The only difference is the density between the two. Density plays a crucial part in soundproofing. 

Understanding how Thermal insulation works -

Heat naturally moves from higher to lower temperature areas until the temperature is the same in both areas. The thermal insulation works as a barrier to obstruct this movement of heat in or out of the building just like an esky keeps drinks cold in summer even when the outside temperature is hot. By minimising the heat flow, insulation helps to keep the indoor space cooler in summer and warmer in winter, therefore making well-insulated buildings more energy efficient.

Reasons to Soundproof your house

  • Reduce noise transfer between rooms and through external walls
  • Helps isolate rooms for a quieter home
  • Provides thermal insulation, reducing your energy use
  • Limit noise transfer in 2 storey homes between the first and second floor

Soundproofing with Acoustic Insulation Batts

Acoustic insulation batts are specially designed to provide the perfect solution for reducing noise transfer between the rooms or soundproofing your entire home.  The Acoustic insulation batts are high density and lightweight and can easily be installed in internal walls or mid-floor in a double story home to reduce the unwanted noise.  The acoustic insulation batts are denser than traditional thermal insulation batts, thus making them perfect sound blocking material. The soundproofing insulation batts are ideal for insulating metal and timber stud wall systems and ceilings – sound insulation between floors is also very commonly used. Acoustic insulation batts also have added thermal benefits to help make your home more comfortable.

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