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Roof Sarking - What is the purpose?

2024-01-23 16:29:31

Roof Sarking is robust, durable and reinforced material designed for use under residential and commercial roofs. It acts as an effective secondary skin for the roof, protects it from wind-driven rain, draughts, condensation and improves the performance of insulation. 

Roof sarking boosts the performance and comfort by providing the following benefits:

  • Protects your home from unseen mould growth, ceiling staining or permanent damage.
  • Limits the dust entering the home through gaps around downlights and vents
  • Reduces draughts that blow dust into the roof space
  • Improves thermal performance by reducing heat flow
  • Helps manage the risk of condensation

Bradford is leading manufacturer of building products including roof sarking, different types available are -

1) Enviroseal Proctorwrap Roof Sarking - Works as an additional protective layer that minimises the weather-related damage such as rain entering the roof cavity. The Enviroseal proctor wrap also lessens the risk of condensation, structural decay and mould growth in the timber frame.

2) Thermoseal Roof sarking - Heavy duty weather barrier that keeps your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reduces the mould growth and ceiling stains caused by water ingress.  With the additional benefit of rain and hail damage protection, thermoseal is suitable for use under a tiled roof.

3) Bradford Polyair - Ideal for shed & garage insulation, Polyair reflects heat keeping your shed cooler on the hottest days and warmer on the coldest nights. Whether your shed is used as extra work or entertainment space beat the external weather conditions and stay comfortable inside by installing Bradford Polyair.