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Laserlite 2000 VS Laserlite 3000

2022-08-09 10:23:55
laserlite3000 colours

Laserlite polycarbonate sheets are made from light and sturdy material, making them easy to install and uniquely suitable for Australian conditions. The strength of laserlite polycarbonate sheets is stronger than that of standard glass. They are an ideal choice wherever a safe and lightweight roofing material is required. 

Laserlite polycarbonate sheets are designed to ensure ultimate comfort and safety for outdoor living by minimising glare and protecting you from 99.9% of harmful UV rays. There are variety of colours to choose from, each with specified heat & light transmission percentage.

Laserlite 2000 VS Laserlite 3000

Laserlite Polycarbonate range is available in two different styles:

Laserlite 2000 - Designed for performance and reliability, the Laserlite 2000 has three profiles available – Corrugated, Greca, & Trimdeck. Laserlite 2000 is made with Advanced Weatherguard technology, which Protects the sheets from harmful UV rays while maintaining their colour and clarity (up to 50% longer)

Laserlite 3000 - Designed for ultimate comfort, the Laserlite 3000 can reduce sun’s warming effect by up to 69%, making it a perfect solution for hot Australian conditions.  Made from Comfort Cool technology, the Laserlite 3000 offers better heat reduction performance and reduced glare. There are two profiles available – Corrugated & Greca.

Storage & Handling of Laserlite Polycarbonate Sheets :

Laserlite sheets must be handled, stored and cleaned as per the following instructions:

1. Always store laserlite polycarbonate sheets on a flat surface, in a well-protected shaded area and out of direct sunlight.

2. Prevent moisture build up between stored sheets, as the moisture can cause whitening or discolouration.

3. Avoid any contact with chemicals, paints, solvents and sealants since most of them are not compatible with Polycarbonate material.

4. Clean the sheets with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or soft brush.

5 Once installed try not to remove the sheets, as this can cause damage.