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Bradford Glasswool Wall Insulation – The best in market?

2018-11-20 16:40:09
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Bradford Gold Glasswool insulation for walls is specially designed to deliver optimal thermal performance in external wall cavities. Up to 25% of the heat from your home is lost through the walls in winter, and almost the same amount of heat can enter in during summer. Glasswool wall Insulation acts as a barrier to slow down this process and makes a substantial difference to the temperature you feel inside so that you can live more comfortably.

R-value is the measuring tool we use to rate the level of insulation's thermal resistance. The higher the R-Value, the more effective the insulation is.  Bradford Gold wall batts & Gold High-performance wall batts are available in R-Values from R1.5 – R4.0. The core material is glasswool, which is made up of very thin glass fibres that are spun like fairy floss to create millions of air pockets. These air pockets are poor conductors of heat and resist the flow of air through the insulation.

Why choose Bradford Glasswool Insulation?

Unlike other forms of heating and cooling systems, glasswool insulation requires no regular maintenance or early replacement. With almost 40% of your energy bill coming directly from heating and cooling your home, it is worthwhile to consider how to insulate your place with the best insulation products. Whether it is a new build or just a renovation project, insulating walls with Bradford Gold products will provide peace of mind for you and your family. Some of the features include:

  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Reduces the amount of heat transfer
  • Enhanced comfort all year round
  • Saves huge amount on energy bills
  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emission
  • Low allergen product
  • Complies with highest Australian standards
  • 70-year product warranty
  • Environmentally sound, made from 80% recycled glass
  • Made from 100% bio-soluble material
  • Does not catch fire easily

The perfect time to install Gold wall batts is when you are building a new property or renovating your existing one. Bradford insulation can help you to achieve a more comfortable and efficient home.

Few steps and tips for DIY installations

What do you need?

Tools- Sharp knife and cutting board

For Walls -Polypropylene string, Staple gun and staples

Steps to Install Wall insulation in Timber framed construction:

  • The first step is to turn off power at the fuse box before commencing the installation process. Make sure you place a warning tag to prevent power being restored before completion of the install.
  • Friction fit Bradford wall insulation into wall cavities.
  • For external wall insulation, stringing is recommended
  • Start from the underside of the top plate, 75mm in from the vertical stud.
  • Staple polypropylene string to the bottom of the top plate as far back as the thickness of the insulation.
  • Drop the string to the top of the nogging, tensioning before stapling.
  • Run the string towards yourself and turn it to the underside of the nogging and staple.
  • Drop the string to the bottom plate, tensioning before stapling.