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Insulated Glass Units

BRAND: CSR Viridian™ Glass
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It is the customers responsibility to select the relevant parameters to comply with the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia. Just Rite does not carry any responsibility for customers ordering and installing non-compliant IGU units

Minimum order value is $100.00 inc GST, For all orders below this minimum value, there will be an automatic minimum order fee incorporated into the final price.

The sizes for spacer bar is as follows :

Western Australia double glazed units: minimum spacer of 8mm, maximum 20mm

Victoria and South Australia double glazed units with aluminium spacer: minimum spacer of 6mm (over all unit size of 12mm), maximum spacer of 20mm and maximum size of 2800 x 2000

NSW and Queensland double glazed units with aluminium spacer: minimum spacer of 6mm (over all unit size of 12mm), maximum spacer of 24mm and maximum size of 3500 x 2000


Benefits of Double Glazing

Temperature control

Helps keep the warmth in during winter & cooler in summer. There are some modern glass types that can enhance the thermal effects. This glass is known as Low e glass. Reduction in heat loss varies from 54% to 64%.

Warmer in Winter

One of the reasons a lot of people choose to retrofit their home is for the thermal benefits. The layer between the two pieces of glass causes a barrier to keep the cold temperatures on the outside from affecting the climate on the inside. The loss of heat through a double glazed unit can be over 54% less than a single glazed window. There are superior glass options that can improve the thermal efficiencies (such as Low-E glass) and argon filled units, reducing the heat loss through your windows up to and greater than 70%. Low E, or Low Emissivity glass, reflects long wave radiation keeping the heat inside the home.

Cooler in Summer

In the same way that the insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures out, it reduces the impact of hot temperatures. Thus, the benefit for you is that your home will be noticeably cooler in summer. The shift from single glazing to standard double glazing will reduce the solar heat gain through your windows by around 13%. By using glass with improved thermal properties (such as Low-E glass) and tinting, the reduction in solar heat gain through your windows can be greater than 50%. 

Reduces condensation

Condensation forms when cold air meets with a warm surface. The air or gas in-between the glass keeps the inside glass at room temperature thereby virtually eliminating condensation and dampness within your home. Many existing homes have problems with condensation on the inside of their windows during winter. This condensation is usually the result of warm humid air condensing on the relatively cold surface of single pane glass. Double Glazing will virtually eliminate this condensation - even in bathrooms. A common cause of deterioration of timber windows is due to internal condensation. Double Glazing will eliminate this condensation problem and prolong the life of your windows. Condensation forms when warm air is cooled. So in the case of windows, the moisture in the warmer air that is cooled condenses on the glass causing moisture and thus condensation. Where the window has only single glazing, the cool temperature on the outside transfers easily to the inside and condensation occurs rapidly.

With double glazing, there is improved thermal insulation between the outside and inside due the gap between the glass layer. As a result, condensation is greatly reduced.

The benefit to you is a warmer, drier home.

Noise pollution

With two layers of glass noise is diluted as it passes through these and an air gap. Laminated glass can also reduce the noise dramatically if it is used as one of the choices of glass. Double glazing maintains a quieter environment to live in. Depending on the type of double glazing selected noise reduction vary from 20% to 77%. Laminated glass reduces noise significantly when included as part of a double glazed unit. This is two pieces of glass bonded together. Research by Dr. John Davy at the CSIRO has shown that secondary windows will reduce more noise than single glazed windows or even traditional double glazed units. This is due to the large buffering air cavity between two windows. The larger the air cavity the more noise the window system can reduce. Depth of the unit i.e. the distance between the pieces of glass has an influence on the noise transmitted. The larger the air cavity the more noise the window system can reduce. 


Depending on the type of glass, harder to break than a single pane of glass. When broken, the shards normally stay in place. The result is improved security. This benefit can be further enhanced by using toughened glass in the double glazing units.

Enhances resale value

By retrofitting with double glazing it allows the house to be updated and give a more modern look. Laminated glass offers greater protection for people and property by providing an effective barrier from attack. Although the glass will break if hit with a hammer, brick or similar object, the interlayer can resist penetration, ensuring any attempt to enter a premises will be slow and noisy. In addition the attacked glass will tend to remain in the opening, keeping wind and rain out of the building until it can be replaced at a convenient time. The type of laminated glass required will depend on the level of security sought.

Increase privacy

Using Tint glass gives the window inside a slightly darker look which during the day is harder to see through. Could be described as glass with sunglasses on.

Decreased UV damage

Using glass that deflects UV rays is as if you have applied sunscreen to your windows. No more faded upholstery and sun damage to your furnishings. Ultraviolet or UV as we know it causes the fading of furniture, furnishings and carpets. Double glazing provides the benefit of reducing the amount of UV light that can get inside. The optimum benefits occurring with laminated glass. It reduces the penetration of UV rays by 95%. Tinted glass also offers benefits in reducing the penetration of UV light.

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