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Pyrotek Silentstep 700RU 5mm 1.2x10m roll image

Pyrotek Silentstep 700RU 5mm 1.2x10m roll

soundproofing underlay for timber and tile flooring

BRAND: Pyrotek
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  • Cement mortar and masonry substrates - concrete, cement mortar beds, self levelling compounds and skim coats to internal applications
  • Existing ceramic, stone or cement terrazzo tile substrates
  • timber substrates - exterior glue plywood, particle board and hardwood floors may require other suitable compatible adhesives with flooring and mat
  • Metal substrates - steel and other metal surfaces must be cleaned of oil, grease, rust and other potential bond breakers
  • Has sufficient internal weight to remain in position during the fitting of the carpet. Bonding and stapling will reduce the acoustic performance of the material



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