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Fletchers Mineral Wool Party Wall Batt 50x1000x200

BRAND: Fletchers
Availability: in stock

Stock availability is checked regularly however it is not  online. There may be some occasions where we are out of stock. In those occasions we will contact you ASAP.


  • Qty: 3
  • Thickness: 50
  • Length: 1000
  • Width: 200

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Is pick up available?

No, order Pickup NOT available

How long the delivery does takes?

Deliveries normally take 2-3 days in metropolitan areas. Delivery time will depend on your location and availability of stock. We are unable to offer exact time of delivery as goods are normally delivered by couriers. Courier company will not call to advice you of ETA (Estimated Time of Delivery). We only estimate the day of delivery and this estimate is based on latest information available to us by the supplier/freight company. We will not be liable to any cost or damages caused by this information if the product does not arrive on date provided by the supplier/freight company. It is the buyer’ s responsibility to have someone available to receive the goods. If there is no one to accept the goods the courier company will leave the goods at your door step and we do not take any responsibility for stock after that. Please use the tracking system to find the EDD (Estimated Day of Delivery)

What is the Difference between Bradford, Pink Batts, Earth Wool? and which is better?

They are all made of Glass Wool. They all comply with Australian Standards. Binder for Earth wool is different from Bradfords and Fletchers (pink Batts). Earth wool is manufactured overseas.

Which is better? They all comply with Australian Standards. Bradford and Fletcher batts are firmer. Earthwool batts may be considered to be less itchy by the installers. 

Can you confirm the order will be delivered tomorrow?

We only guarantee 48 hours turn over. But most likely (95%) if you order before 10 am it will be delivered tomorrow based on previous delivery experience.

I'm using Internet Explorer to use your website and I wish to place an order but it is not allowing me to do so. Why?

We prefer our customers to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to process orders through our website. The reason for this is Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions prior to 9.0) does not support the security certificates installed on our website to ensure secure transaction processing, however, any versions of Internet Explorer from version 9.0 onwards can support our website. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are easy to install and will allow you to process orders through our website.

Are you able to tell the driver to give me call before delivery?

we cannot ask the courier to contact you regarding the delivery. This is not a service they offer and is not offered to us by the supplier.

Do you provide installation service?

As we are based in Canberra, we don't provide installation service

My roof battens are from 400mm to 460mm apart, should I buy the wider insulation batts?

We would recommend purchasing the 430mm batts

Are the prices on the website inclusive of GST?

Yes, the prices include GST

Just made an order and wondering how long delivery would take?

You can expect delivery in 3-4 business days

How come there is a fee for collecting oneself?

This is an administration fee that covers the ordering process - contacting suppliers, paying for freight charges etc.

I tried clicking on a product and it came up with not available in my area?

You need to type in your post code when clicking into our website, this will show if it is available and the price in your area as well.

Is the $22.00 pick up fee per item?

No the pick up fee is a one off per whole order from same supplier. 

How long would it take to get here after ordering?

Approx 4 days if all items in stock