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ProctorWrap Plastic Grip Washers

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Stock availability is checked regularly however it is not  online. There may be some occasions where we are out of stock. In those occasions we will contact you ASAP.

The ProctorWrap Plasti-Grip Washer is not suitable in environments where it will be exposed to long term direct sunlight or UV after installation.

Screws should only be tightened sufficiently to apply clamping force around the perimeter of the washer – to avoid distortion of the product or substrate around the washer, do not over-tighten. The use of corrosion-resistant screws is recommended.

Although the ProctorWrap Plasti-Grip Washer can be exposed during construction while the wrap or insulation is exposed, the washers are not recommended for applications where they would remains permanently exposed to direct sunlight.

If the product is damaged in any way, such as cracked as a result of over tightening during use it should be replaced before completion of the project

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